this podcast episode is dedicated to rare european movie soundtracks and obscure library scores. selected and compiled by dublin based solar bears member john kowalski. 


bitboul costa yared - you gave me oh lord
david axelrod - fantasy for ralph
james william guercio - morning from electra glide in blue ost
nouvelle frontière - l'hymne aux quenouilles
claudine longet - l'amour est bleu
harry forbes - kaleidoscope
klaus weiss rhythm sounds - survivor
leonie - en alabama
pierre dutour - deer forest
cats eyes - lamplight
unknown artist - flashback
tangerine dream - the night in romania from the keep ost
emerald web - twilight
h. verschu and a. bougiouzis - arpèges d'april
sam sklair - flower child
smil - præludium
paul giovanni - sunset from the wicker man ost’

compiled and mixed by john kowalski, august 6, 2015

about solar bears

hailing from dublin and wicklow, solar bears formed in early 2009. named after a russian science fiction film by andrei tarkovsky, the band consists of john kowalski and rian trench who met at sound engineering college. sharing a love of world cinema, their music combines a number of different influences ranging from electronica to film composers like ennio morricone and george delerue. their sound is a mix of programming, acoustic instruments, synths and vintage tape machines. the freeform approach of their writing and recording lends itself to varying tones and colours. tracks often have differing sound sources from each other creating a unique musical experience.

source: planet mu