naran ratan - spring nostril (tasty morsels, 2015)
pauline anna strom - gossamer silk (ether ship records, 1982)
benoit pioulard - whose palms create (kranky, 2015)
white poppy - exotic realms (not not fun, 2015)
the world of robert abel (vhs rip)
vision heat - death circus (root strata, 2015)
vision heat - motion sickness (root strata, 2015)
robert noyce and the rise of the silicon valley (vhs rip)
dialect - shatters (tasty morsels, 2015)
bitchin bajas - pieces of tape - (drag city, 2014)
a dream of devine (vhs rip)
mike cooper - complicated sky (room40, 2015)
dolphins into the future - lieven martens moana - culatra island (edicoes cn, 2014)
x.y.r - message in a bottle (signapor sling tapes, 2013)
gamelan son of lion - d.n.a (folkways, 1979)
pauline anna strom - phantom dancer (ether ship records, 1982)
three legged race - persuasive barrier (spectrum spools, 2012)
laurie spiegel - east river dawn (philo, 1980)

compiled and mixed by fhtn/ june, 2015

read: trans-millenia-consort by hannes grassegger