From Scratch / goat / Don't DJ /
Utena Kobayashi Group _«8,9,10»
and «9,10,11» from Gung Ho 1,2,3D
EM Records


From 1975-2002 the New-Zealand based performance group From Scratch
created a peculiar circular polyrhythmic universe based on egalitarian ethics,
mostly playing with homemade percussion-instruments like tuned PVC pipes,
metal chimes, drums and spun drones. After the stunning release «Five
Rhythm Works» in 2016, the Japanese label EM Records issued a mini-
compilation containing three From Scratch interpretations by Japanese group
goat, berlin based Don’t DJ and Japanese Utena Kobayashi Group.

Based on the parts «8,9,10» and «9,10,11» of the original score of «Gung Ho 1,2,3D»
(Gung Ho means «work together» in Chinese, and was a famous slogan for a
Chinese worker co-operative in 1938, which was then appropriated by
American military and sneaked into American English language as an
negative expression for «overzealous») the three interpretations meander
between playful driving mathematical analogue percussion, hypnotic slow-
growing 120bpm poly-propeller- tribal-tekk- patterns and minimal voice-based
rhythm compositions. The release contains extended liner-notes by From
Scratch member Phil Dadson, Sketches of the used Instruments and Links to
the documentary movie «Sonics From Scratch».


Texts & selection: Anna Frei
Marc Jauss


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