Collapsing Market

Collapsing Market is all about bringing romantism back into a technocratic world dominated by industrial and monetary symbols. Cyrus Goberville & Louis Vial, the two brains behind the excellent Parisian label, curated some exclusive playlists for us. Recently, a lost work by Iranian composer Morteza Hannaneh surfaced – until now it had only existed on a tape of a radio teheran session. The release is more of a peripheral phenomenon, but it still reflects the idiosyncratic aesthetics of the contemporary label.


Cyrus Goberville


Luis Delgado - La Puerta De Ebano
Bernard Parmegiani - Géologie Sonore
Carl Craig - Darkness
John T. Gast - wygdn_tryagen
Mary Jane Leach - Bruckstück
Fred Frith - Domaine de Planousset
Look Blue Go Purple - Grace
Pre Fix - Underneathica
Bill Orcutt - White Christmas
Adelia Garcia - Trás-os-Montes


Louis Vial

Funeral Art - II
Phil Lynott - I Still Think Of You
Massimo Toniutti - Gravi
Unit Moebius - French Fist
Sortilegia - Ad Fulgens Portam
Remko Scha - Sweep
Maria Zerfall - Der Mond
Justine & Juliette - This Dark Desire
Diversion Group - A Man Has Responsibilities 10-Chatline - Bags (Oli XL War Dub)