Gust De


The Antwerp imprint JJ Funhouse reissued a unknown classic by the minimal composer Gust de Meyer.


"At the age of 35, back in 1983, Gust De Meyer was working as an assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Leuven, were he did some groundbreaking work. He got a PhD in musical industry and introduced the study of video games.

"The compositions on this ‘For Amusement Only’ record are very minimal and rhythmic in nature, no touch of melody in sight. These tracks were composed with both ears wide open to the heavy ambience of techy noise and locked grooves of popular game machines. You could find these so-called ‘flippers’ in common bars at the corner of every Belgian village in those days. The follow up record ‘Struggle for pleasure’ was minimal and sharp but also very melodic and more acoustic then electronic. It already included Wim Mertens’ biggest hit record ‘Close Cover’ but also some trancey, more rhythmic tunes like ‘Salernes’ and ‘Gentlemen of Leisure’ with a strong legacy towards the work of minimal composers, like Glass and Reich. The record was released in the same year as ‘Casioworks’ but without the cooperation of Gust."


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