the work of london-based, berlin-born vietnamese artist sung tieu often concerns itself with the close inspection of processes of cultural evolution. tieu shot the video for the song "corralito" on a trip with friends to the banks of the lăng cô lagoon in central vietnam. in it we see two figures subtly communicating with a landscape into which, for unknown reasons, they don't seem to fit especially comfortably. another scene taking place in the jungle of the bạch mã national park, whose lush, overgrown surface disguises an underground tunnel 1400 meters above sea level, functions simultaneously to both connect and divide.

about wave

after his manifold debut in 2009, followed by a second album “true life / in flames” with focus on the grand piano, dial records is pleased to announce christian naujoks‘s third solo album wave, a dedication to one of the artist‘s essential instruments: the electric guitar. inspired by the durutti collumn, john fahey, vincent gallo, azalia snail and david grubbs, among many others, christian naujoks breaks the boundaries between songwriting and minimal- ism, folk music and contemporary art. the recordings at electric avenue studios were produced by tobias levin, known for his works on kreidler, faust, felix kubin, pantha du prince & the bell laboratory, just to name a few. with wave naujoks and levin created a sound-seductive, state of-the-art production: ten post-minimalist guitar pieces with an appearance of the artist‘s signature piano style on two of the songs.

christian naujoks recently worked on productions with his band sky walking (with rvds and lawrence) and released a piano tape on martin hossbach‘s imprint. after a series of concerts at berlin‘s berghain and hau, the golden pudel club in hamburg, performances and collaborations around the globe including israel, mexico, vietnam and the philippines, he returned back to his studio in hamburg in 2015 where the wave started.

release date: 27 May 2016
on dial records