bronze teeth's richard smith aka L/F/D/M reveals a bittersweet side of radiophoniq techno and ebm for not waving's ecstatic label. weaving between snake-charming techno and surprisingly elegant, melodic motifs, it's all much freakier and freeform than his debut 12" for optimo trax. cutting from sawn-off synth experiments to dusted sleeparchive bleep styles on 'insect cylinders', and jiggy, atonal techno with 'sun shape'; he carves a course of salty waltz with 'book of five' on the flipside, leading to the banging ebm highlight of 'black shadows' with its sampled intro of some lass recalling an episode of sleep paralysis, before becoming all muted with the blue gasses and throbs of 'no cure' and drifting out to somnambulant chimes recalling ambient afx. another ace from this fine, excellently curated label.

text source: boomkat