‘fast moving cars’: the debut solo single from carla dal forno (f ingers, tarcar). poignant, minimalist, happy/sad art-pop…both a song of devotion and a dream of leaving. languid, dubwise, stoned-immaculate, but with a heartbreaking clarity and economy of expression.

production and arrangement is poised and precise: heavy, rooted bassline, metallic percussion, astral synth-drift and whispers of reverb that conspire to open space rather than fill it. it’s the perfect staging for cdf’s voice, a floating alto at once coolly detached and disarmingly close, human, relatable.

“don’t be so daft, do something exciting…”  the lyrics are frank; fluent in the feelings that underpin the beginning, middle and end of a relationship. is this music of loss or of gain? resignation or resolve? escape or escapism?  (can i dance to it?)

buy release: blackest ever black
text source: beb