born and raised in texas, jefre cantu-ledesma delved into abstract music around the same time he was studying sculpture and visual arts in san francisco in the mid-'90s. developing an ambient approach to the spacy indie rock and slowcore of the time, cantu-ledesma co-founded the highly influential instrumental act tarentel as well as working with experimental rock trio the alps and running the well-respected drone/ambient label root strata.

prolific in collaboration, cantu-ledesma created work with grouper's liz harris in a duo called raum as well as with filmmaker paul clipson and in alexis georgopoulos' arp project. for a short time he worked solo under the name colophon, as well as releasing music under his own name. a more official solo debut came in 2010 with the beautifully damaged shoegaze tones of love is a stream, released on type records. some copies of the record included the companion ep love is a dream, featuring collaborations between cantu-ledesma and type founder john twells' xela project. a follow-up came in 2015 with a year with 13 moons. named after a fassbinder film, the collection of dreamy guitar textures, modular synth noise, and distant drum machine rhythms was put together during a residency at the headlands center for the arts in the san francisco bay area. the album was released early that year on mexican summer.

text : fred thomas
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