antinote is a young parisian label run by quentin „zaltan“ vandewalle and gwen jamies alias lueke. it all started with luekes old techno tapes he produced in the early nineties. it’s release formed the basement for the future career of the label. just started, they received three vibrating pieces, full of strange electronics, inspired by euro jazz and a touch of afro rhythms. this is the world of the parisian duo syracuse. it’s members antoine kogut and isabelle maitre create solid and analogue synthesizer sounds with glimmering vocals for the dancefloor. latest releases of nico monte, d.k, but also reissues of obscure ambient pieces by paki & visnadi show the versatility of the label. just as exciting and rich in variety are the dj’sets of zaltan. as record collector from scratch he digged deep in his crates and presents a timeless selection of his favorite music.

nicolas courtin ‎– les yeux fermés - ciel sonore (2007)
les crocodiles ‎– la nuit des tropiques - km editions (2015)
the system - logic - romantic records (1983)
savage - don't cry tonight - discomagic records (1983)
deborah kinley - suprise - atlantide (1984)
preface ‎– palace hôtel - anya production (1986)
golden teacher meets dennis bovell ‎– at the green door - optimo music (2015)
šizike ‎– u zemlji čuda with lost data tracks - discom re (2016)
States Of Mind ‎– Elements Of Tone - Plus 8 Records (1990)
wax doctor ‎– all i need - r & s records (1996)


selection: quentin vandewalle (april, 2016)
picture source: boilertv

showcase: antinote night w/syracuse live & zaltan
club zukunft, zurich & kapitel , bern
15 & 16th April, 2016

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