No More Dreams is the latest release from the Gothenburg-based artist Axel Backman better known as 1991. Backman released two lo-fi electronica albums back in 2012. High-Tech High-Life on Opal Tapes is a tasty new-age synthesizer soundscape LP with arpeggio textures and shimmering drones—the prefect soundtrack for the cold winter days. The other, 1991 (Astro:Dynamics), features IDM-inspired sounds oscillating with deep, dark ambient structures and devious melodies. We are very excited about Backman's next plans. It seems that his newly founded label NMD is just the beginning. 


Note: Hot Releases owner Ryan Martin a/k/a Secret Boyfriend features 1991's "Reborn Ice Horn" on his fhtn compilation that came out last year. 


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