" loaf eye is an album i’ve been working on for the past 2 years since finishing the debut tomemitsu album, m_o_d_e_s in 2013.  the overarching theme for most of the songs on loaf eye deals with self exploration. looking inwards and becoming at ease with who i am as a musician and human, rather than the themes of love and loss emphasized on m_o_d_e_s.

whereas m_o_d_e_s focused on world rhythms and ambient/chance soundscapes, loaf eye is more an exploration of the space between folk, shoegaze, and punk music.  the songs on loaf eye are deeply personal and less hypothetical than m_o_d_e_s.  i have maintained the grainy tape and computer noise driven tones of m_o_d_e_s, yet it has been enhanced by some new recording techniques and tools acquired in the past year.  

another change to my writing style evident on loaf eye is that i collaborated with some of my favorite musical friends in los angeles. there are appearances by colleen green, devin ratliff and erik felix of so many wizards, as well as christina gaillard and james roehl of crown plaza. working with my friends on this album helped me to develop as a songwriter and engineer and i’m really stoked with how the collaborative songs turned out.  

xoxo tomemitsu

text source: the grey estates