last year alessio natalizia issued a series of three self-released voices cassettes under his not waving moniker exploring harsh textural abrasions, tape manipulated field recordings and ‘80s industrial music chic. non-musical influences are said to have played a part too, referencing neurologist oliver sacks, social philosopher b.f. skinner and russian physiologist ivan pavlov. it’s far removed from the cosmic leanings of his more renowned project walls (with sam willis) which disbanded earlier this year, or the slow-mo pop-inflections of his former solo project banjo or freakout. in only in a few years he has deviated drastically from the sensibilities laid out with those.

the majority of tracks from those cassettes have been compiled on this double lp and represent the breadth of the not waving project, delving into even more transgressive territory than seen on human capabilities, released last year on stuart leath’s emotional response. natalizia sure has a penchant for drifting, lo-fi electronics and an uncanny ability to summon the ghost in the machines. take for instance the bluntly titled “not feasible certainly impractical” where a chugging movement of machinery slugs away, contradicting an exotic tribal chant; warped and degraded from the tape source from where we can only guess he sourced it. it’s this aesthetic which pervades what is on offer here. and truth be told it can be quite challenging at intervals.

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text: nic tuohey
source: junodownload