croatian amor is a solo project from loke rahbek, who has—at least for the last couple of years—been a familiar face around the sacred bones community of artists through his work in the now quite widely celebrated bands vår and lust for youth.  even if you’ve never heard the music of these two projects, however, and no matter where your interests in the post-industrial genre may lead you, it’s likely that you’ve already come across rahbek’s work through his boutique imprint posh isolation, where he has released not only more than a dozen of his own projects, but also some of the quickest rising new artists in the genre including the seemingly infallible puce mary, as well as an impressive new project in forza albino who released their sophomore album, black dog, on mikko aspa‘s freak animal records imprint earlier this year.  for those who have already heard his work in lust for youthand have found it to be too pop-oriented for their tastes, croatian amor offers something a bit more in the experimental vein and certainly closer to the artist’s industrial/minimal synth interests.

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text source: heathen harvest