"closing a cycle. after issuing three editions of this album on cassette, which all sold out in about two days each, i thought it was time to close this cycle with an expanded edition. a last glance to five years of work. not presenting a best of, … just offering a collection. and a reluctant view towards 5 years spent in small studios and tempting environments. the starting point put in a more or less correct time, and saving everyone from the crudeness of the pre-2010 years.expanded, slightly edited, and mastered by an expert (christophe albertijn). comes in a pro printed cover, designed by jeroen wille and anna papanastasiou. recorded in antwerp and on location, 2010–2014.

songs of gold are nine small portraits, culled from compilations, limited run cassette releases, choreographies, and 7” singles. some pieces were worked on for a length of time, others materialized in just about one take. all the songs are derived by an encounter with an object, a place or a person. or by a combination of these. the events are translated into the work through the intermediary of sounds and notes. there is no thematic link between the compositions."

text source: edicoescn.be