vision heat is the latest original project from jared blum (gigantesound,the talking book, blanketship and vulcanus 68) staged as a fictitious soundtrack and library music production company operating out of the eastern bloc between 1980-1988, "sickness to insanity" compiles some of their best synth based, b-movie horror themes and incidental music produced from the years 1982-1988. 

what makes vision heat so unique is the broad palate of sounds, styles and production between each track. from the catchy electro pop grooves of themes from "hotel st. croix" and "campers," the dark fm synthesis of "ambush," "hellen" and "mother" all the way to the new wave rockers of "blood and spirit" and "motion sickness" this album showcases vision heat's expansive and diverse back catalog. 

some of the master tracks have been lost in the great fire of '91, leaving only the vhs transfers to remain; ultimately, giving those songs their timeless quality and feel. we hope you will enjoy this first offering from vision heat. 

influences heard are not limited to goblin(claudio simonetti) craig safan, harold faltemeyer, klaus schulze, charles bernstein, carpenter/howarth to name a very few. and of course those expressive sounds of the cmi fairlight, synclavier and dx7 synthesizers which remain in the forefront of vision heat's music. 

this is the first archival release from vision heat ltd. a subsidiary of gigante sound. 

available in digital and lp formats.

source: visionheat bandcamp