crystal dorval from vancouver, canada has been making healing, distorted rug-gaze music from a coastal mindset all her own since 2011. natural phenomena is her second album, and it echoes 2013’s previous self-titled effort in its isolationist origins, as the record emerged slowly across a 9-month retreat alone on a farm on vancouver island: “some days i would only add one tiny guitar line or keyboard texture and that would be it for the day… it was a long process.” however grueling and gradual the method, what accrued is gold – 10 of dorval’s deepest dreamdives, starry ambient pools, and dissolved guitar designs, ghosted through a lens of grey-skied pop. songs wax and wane across faded rainbows of guitar, sunrise keyboards, looped percussion, and vocal ocean-spray. behind dorval’s gauze of warm noise glows something pure and newer than new age: “my hope is that these positive feelings will be communicated sonically, or in essence, and will be enriching for listeners.” a high height for a climbing talent; white poppy blooms on cliffs of light.

written and recorded by c. dorval. mixed and mastered by j. arner. artwork by c. dorval.

source: midheaven
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