»sky walking« is a collaborative project from the artists christian naujoks, peter kersten and richard von der schulenburg

christian naujoks is a visual artist, composer, dj and singer. his musical output ranges from electronic pop to ambient to modern-acoustic compositions for marimba and piano. peter m. kersten aka lawrence / sten is a musician and dj. he is the co-founder of the labels dial/laid, smallville and the owner of a record store in st. pauli. together with david lieske he runs the gallery mathew in berlin and nyc. richard von der schulenburg, aka rvds, is a hamburg based musician and dj. he is a member of the jazz-ensemble 440hztrio. he also played in the guitar-pop band die sterne, and he is the owner of the label it's.

whereas in their respective solo projects they are more concerned with investigating the functional aspects of music – from club or dance music to the idea of creating a room or an ambience with acoustics – »sky walking« describes the communicative approach of call and response, a fluid improvisation beyond the necessity to name it jazz or free music.

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