born in tokyo, anna domino divided her childhood years between ann arbor, michigan, and florence in italy, before landing in ottawa in time for sullen and disaffected teenagerdom. this itinerant past goes a long way towards explaining her cosmopolitan musical style.

settling in new york in 1977, anna carved out a niche refurbishing lofts, and made clothes, furniture and objects from fabric leather and found material. as well as her own groups madder lake, which didn't get to cut a record, anna also tried out for several other bands, including bush tetras and polyrock, who soon after recorded an album with philip glass producing. anna also played with a couple of one-shot bands, notably mania d and tar.

meanwhile anna began to hone her own songwriting talents, and in 1983 a cassette of simple yet promising songs caught the ear of chic belgian independent label les disques du crépuscule. a single, trust in love, appeared in october, and was made a single of the week by the nme. it was followed in february 1984 by the mini album east & west, five bittersweet lullabyes steeped in late-night melancholy. with a superb, vulnerable cover of aretha franklin's land of my dreams included, the record radiated an atmosphere of loss, longing and detachment, anna's sensual vocal style adding further to its bewitching quality. guest musicians included tuxedomoon man blaine reininger and virginia astley. land of my dreams was to have been remixed for single release by ben watt of everything but the girl, but the project was never completed.

text source: ltm recordings