From Here Till Now: Tasty Morsels

The secretive collective Tasty Morsels has come to be known for its output of mystical, enigmatic sounds. Listeners will find themselves gliding ecstatically through the violent topography of a sonic landscape dominated by soft drones and oscillating textures. Here we introduce two LPs that have recently appeared on the label. 

The newest release by the Morsel family member Dialect integrates itself seamlessly into the label’s aesthetic terrain. Partly through an attention to detail, it overcomes the hurdles of complacency and other musical clichés on its own terms. Cosmic horns hover alongside gorgeous voices and cryptic textures. The album’s title fits: Advanced Myth invites the discovery of lost worlds. 

The journey into the Morsels landscape continues with epic lo-fi pop. A Year in Your Garden is the Irish duo Column’s first LP on the label. From time to time it recalls CANT’s album Dreams Come True: hallucinatory synth melodies snuggle up to well-tempered bass lines. Column succeeds in tickling the ears and encouraging endless dreaming. 

All Tasty Morsels releases are available for free on the label’s website:

Text: fromheretillnow
Picture: Tasty Morsels
This text was originally printed in the latest issue of zweikommasieben magazine.


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