secret boyfriend is ryan martin, a singer, songwriter and noise artist from carrboro, north carolina (a scene that's also home to profligate, lazy magnet and lack). he already has a slew of cassettes and vinyl to his name, including titles on ren schofield's i just live here and his own hot releases. martin's music is a post-hypnagogic expression of the lo-fi rock tradition (as originally pioneered by the likes of jim shepard, peter jefferies, the dead c,)

having been active in the underground with smaller offerings and his north carolina label for four years, multi-instrumentalist ryan martin finally has a longplayer to his name with this diverse and intriguing collection of lo-fi landscapes. martin mixes delicate songcraft and acoustic strumming with a tabletop cosmos of synths, or follows raindrops of guitar and keys falling in free-rhythm by rocking out in the red. inner contrasts are explored when folky chords are paired intriguingly with harsh drum-machine hits as if from early eighties minimal wave. while evoking the long tradition of indie folk, the album also circumscribes the outer limits of john maus's world, and sketches in sublime, faded noise ('flashback') recall the early james ferraro of marble surf and clear. 

source: boomkat


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