felt released ten albums in the 1980s, and lawrence was the only constant member of the band from its inception in 1979 to its dissolution in 1989, though he doesn't appear at all on the band's penultimate album, train above the city. during his time in the band, he served as lyricist and primary songwriter, though early on he shared songwriting credits with then-lead guitarist maurice deebank, who left the band in 1986.

filmmaker paul kelly directed a documentary about lawrence, 
titled lawrence of belgravia (a reference both to the englishman who led the arab revolt and the district of central london in which lawrence resided), which was set to premiere at the london film festival in 2006, but wasn't ready at the time. a 20-minute work-in-progress version of the documentary was screened at the barbican centre in london in november 2008. a final finished cut of the film had its debut screening at the 2011 london film festival, followed by screenings in several film and music festivals.