yet another fully obscure reissue from projekt recordsthe arms of someone new was a new wave oriented band from the mid 80s. their sound can be likened somewhat to early legendary pink dots albums, especially in the usage of limited or primitive technology with the drum machines and a very childlike sound. although the two bands do not sound the same, sonically speaking, there is a certain mood and ambience they both share. the biggest downfall i've found with the arms of someone new is that any song with the drum machine is tedious to sit through. the drum machine is truly awful. think of those old machines that had such settings as "rock 1" and "rock 2" and you get the idea. the outfit does do a fairly reasonable job of weaving interesting guitar parts, whether they be acoustic, electric or treated guitar stylings. the vocals are fairly sedate and leaflike, fitting the mood fairly well. keyboards are used as somber yet lush texture off and on throughout the recordings. but as i've stated before, that drum machine does a lot to harm any song it appears on. the band would have been better off clapping their hands and slapping their knees for beats.

review by john chedsey