"after featuring him on into the light's highly acclaimed 2012 compilation of greek electronic music with one short track, ilias pitsios and tako reyenga go deep into the archives of vangelis katsoulis, to reveal his unique and visionary take on electronic music.

'the sleeping beauties' is a selection of the greek producer's early and unreleased work, with most of the pieces written in the late 1980s. this second into the light release includes tracks from katsoulis' much sought after album 'the slipping beauty' and the ultra rare 'through the door into a dream', alongside unreleased productions originally composed only for tv and two new pieces specifically written for this lp.

the album is an upward journey that fluctuates from synthesized melancholia to ambient soundscapes that at times echo traces of klaus schulze and eno. in other moments katsoulis' magnificent percussion work and textured keyboards draw an even stronger comparison with larry heard's early productions, with a hint of steve roach's minimalistic approach to music. an enchanting yet visionary insight into the work of one of electronic music's unsung heroes."

text source: into the light records