orchid tapes is an independent brooklyn-based record label founded in 2010 by warren hildebrand. operated by brian vu and hildebrand as of 2012, the label has released a number of indie pop and indie rock compilations and original releases on cassette tape, limited edition vinyl, and digital download. among orchid tapes' signed bands are coma cinema, foxes in fiction and mister lies. the label focuses on "music and artwork that breaks free of the established norm...reflects the dedication of its creator and provokes a strong emotional resonance..."

he founded orchid tapes while living in his apartment in downtown toronto and working on the debut album of his solo project, foxes in fiction. hildebrand had started foxes in fiction in april 2005 while still in high school, and began to take the project more seriously in 2008, while inspired by artists such as brian eno and  "

text source: orchid tapes