"gigi masin, born in venice, italy on 24th october 1955, has been part of the music scene since the early 70’s and a radio dj with the most important radio stations. from 1978 he has been establishing a collaboration with poet/writer massimo palladino, a venture that had been permitting to carry out many and wonderefull pieces for theatre, television, radio broadcasting, where music and voice walk hand in hand, challenging and provoking themselves as well. sounds, tapes, turntables, live electronics are the ground where scene music moves.

as musician/director gigi masin had a lot of theatrical, cinema and musical collaborations.
first solo album 'wind' has been published in 1986. “les nouvelles musiques du chambre” for the belgian label sub rosa (1989) with charles hayward, “wind collector” (1991) with alessandro monti. recent works include “lontano” (2001) and “moltitudine in labirinto” (2003, with giuseppe caprioli) produced by giovanni antognozzi for ants records.

many musicians covered or sampled his music and among the others there's the singer bjork
(the track 'it's in our hands' from her greatest hits album), german band to rococo rot, pianist luca miti and others. new cd will be published (2007/2008) with diplodisc -stella*nera. after that little jewel ('fricke out') in alessandro monti first cd 'unfolk', the collaboration will continue with a new piece in monti second cd, out in 2008. in 2008 will be finally released a dvd (title 'ilustrat') of unpublished illustrations, designed for publishing and multimedia purposes, created by painter/designer luis filipe cunha, with the music of gigi masin. new tunes (‘the last dj’) are now available for free download from italian net label laverna."

source: gigimasin.com